Making my way back…

2 minutes It has been too long of a break. What was meant as a sojourn turned into something near permanence. I remember my last post here. It was the day that Steve Jobs died. After his death, it was difficult to muster up the same enthusiasm and fervor for Apple and Apple products/software. Yet nearly four … 


Trying it out!

< 1 minutes Currently trying out the OUNL’s Elgg installation. In particular I want to see whether the Elgg Feed Aggregator will add my blog post on this website to the Elgg blog. Fingers crossed. Cheers.


Blogging from the iPhone

< 1 minutes wPhone plugin for WP works! I am currently blogging from my iPhone using the WP mobile admin page. Perfect. This, as I attend the OTEC plenair – where Wolfgang just finished his presentation about the importance of blogging in an organizational context. The presentation has sparked off an interesting discussion indeed. More later.


Hello world!

< 1 minutes Welcome to the new and improved WordPress page, now hosted at The main site shall remain the de facto Sodhi family portal. Pictures, vids and personal stuff, I shall keep updating on this WordPress (almost CMS) site! Off to configure it some more! Tally ho!