Downgrades some more

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Downgrades some more

So, Vista is out, hoop dee doo. A piece of news that would have excited me no end a few months back, excites a ho-hum from the ol’ yawn-hole now. A number of words come to mind, least of which – Bloatware, cr*pware, etc. etc. Did you happen to watch ol’ Willie present Vista in NYC? It was a choke-fest, I just wanted someone to tell him, “Hey dude, step down dude, you embarassin’ yoself dude”. Of course M$ fanbois were out in swing.

A kind of poignant cartoon sheds better light to this whole saga, (CARTOON – thanks for the link Markus!) Just goes to show, the whole mess that’s Veesta. Ugh, ugly taste in mouth… it’s like that poem we used to recite as children, don’t quite remember the words to it, but went somehow like, repeat the name 3 times and the wicked witch appears!

On to more serious matters now, ;) am doing much better now, and now more conscious of my embarrassing Monday night jaunt (pix of which the Drachslaah has threatened to publish lol). BEAT you to it m8! I put some on my flickr page already!

And coming to the mysterious title for today’s blog – I am stepping down my Internet Bandwidth. For months my lines have been screaming through the “internets” at 20 mbps, but for that I have no use anymore. So I am stepping down to the lowest speed they allow – 4 mbps. Hoop dee do!

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