Feeling a little under the weather

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Ah what a horrid day. Tossed and turned all night and woke up to find Chronosync refusing to sync with my Corsair. The problem I found out, was that Chronosync had not saved my preferences, and hence was creating problems. So lesson for the day, each sync relationship must be saved apparently.

Have converted all my main computer disks to FAT32, though really did not need to, since MacFUSE 0.1 is out. Darn. I will try that out tonight. Health permitting. Windoze is weirding out on me, the darned thing crashed on me for the last time! I have formatted, and will restore the apps as soon as I can. Oh how I love thee Mac, let me count the ways.

Might not work this day any more, owing to my ill health at this time. Darn this weather.

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