Still in Indiana, Merry Christmas!

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Or rather, Boxing day! The morning of the boxing day finds us still in Indiana, after a very successful Christmas bash at Jen’s. Ate till I could eat no more, and then stuffed myself some more. Quite remarkable the propensity of a person to stuff oneself disregarding conventional wisdom. No wonder then I am turning into an elephant.

The festivities over, I am quite excited at the prospect of returning back home and to work, to take up the usual routine, which stressful though it might be at times, is home. I am quite excited as well, to get back home and assemble my new rig. Yes I bought components for a new computer which I will make exclusively a Windows Vista Ultimate machine. The specs are nowhere near ultimate, but it should do the jobs I throw at it, with consummate ease. The specs I chose for this machine were designed with an eye on keeping the price low.

AMD Athlon X2 5000+ (2.6GHz)
ECS G8200A (v.1) with HDMI output motherboard
OCZ 2x1GB PC6400
Samsung 500 GB HDD (7200RPM, 32MB Cache)
ASUS 19″ Widescreen TFT
Raidmax Case + 530W Antec PSU

All from Newegg for a princely sum of 299, after rebate! That is including the TFT screen. Make me a better system for that price, I challenge y’all. What can I say – just at the right place at the right time.

Back to Christmas – I got a chockfull of Chocolates from one and all, Pound cake from Rissa, and hold your breath – Pete Sampras’ Autobiography – A Champion’s Mind. I literally squealed with delight at the sight! That along with the Black and Decker corded power drill and accessory bits made this Christmas complete. Thank you my beloved!

Apologies for the discombobulated entry, Sam has the Wii on, and the TV to a volume the neighbors can relate to. Ah temporary respite – switched on my iPod.


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