Temperature dips!

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We are in Indiana for the holidays, and having a great time with Jen, Sam and the kids. The kids keep getting bigger each time we see them! Of course they are really curious about my beautiful MacBook Pro and are ever too eager to claw at it. Who can blame them, it Is a majestic machine worthy of the most exalted claws, but being the proud owner of an MBP, I am ever so panicky when Ella or Logan look at the machine with that cute, mischevious grin. So I blog, though from my iPhone.

But to the topic at hand… The temperature! It has really dipped in the last 24 hours around here, and as it stands now the temperature is around -14 and that is in Fahrenheit! -25 in C for those using the sensible metric system. The horrid part? It is so nice and sunny outside. Almost like teasing. Officially, this is the coldest I’ve ever been in. A frigid and frosty Indian please.


4 thoughts on “Temperature dips!

  1. Wow m8, -25 C, that would be officially the coldest I would’ve been into too…I remember some times it was around -15 C in the NL, and some older people even remember -20 C, those good ole times before global warming when we still had an “elfstedentocht”…pfff but I must say I’m happy I’m in “warm” NL with temperatures around 0 C :)

  2. Aye m8, one frosty Indian I was. Made me miss the “Mild” climes of the NL. Hope your vacation is going well. Time almost to rejoin work.. oh wait, that’s me!
    -25 was when I blogged, accounting for the windchill, the temp fell to an astronomical -38C that evening. Un-buh-lievable. Although right now we are back in the teens :D +12C! That’s global warming for you…

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