1.1.3 Finally

2 minutes

Yes, I have finally upgraded to 1.1.3 after having waited forever to take the step. I wasn’t quite sure whether the upgrade was worth losing my favorite apps over. But in the end, it came down to the technical side of me, wanting explore the new firmware upgrade and see how indeed it does its Cell tower triangulation, and play around with the shimmering icons.

I am very pleased to report that ALL has gone according to plan and I am finally on 1.1.3 with everything working! Google maps have received a facelift, no doubt due to the new API they made available a few months(?) back. The hybrid feature and "Locate Me" works flawlessly, and it indeed pinpointed me to a few meters of my actual location. I am indeed very impressed. I am looking forward to trying out the latest features, however the next big thing will be the SDK release come February.

Speaking of upgrades and updates, rumors are floating around of a MBP upgrade to Peryn based processors come Tuesday. I would indeed be quite surprised if Tuesday passes by without a major overhaul or update release, since I recently read that Sony is releasing its Peryn based laptops mid-February. Apple has prided itself in being at the forefront when it comes to tauting its successful partnership (read new found love) with Intel. I would be quite surprised if Sony were to release a Peryn based laptop ahead of Apple.

Well, we wait and watch.


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