We have snow!

< 1 minutes DSC00578, originally uploaded by TimSodhi. After looong last, it is snowing ever so freely here! Check out the pix I have on Flickr! W00t!


Our tree… *sigh*

< 1 minutes Our tree… *sigh*, originally uploaded by TimSodhi. We have a tree! Rissa and I decorated it on our anniversary! More pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/timsodhi/, contact me, and I shall add you as my Friend/Contact, so that you can see the entire set! Cheers!


In NY, with my love

2 minutes Just so perfect, something I have dreamed of, for just so long, and today, after a seemingly interminable journey across the world, I am finally with my Rissa, just sitting next to her, as she studies, and we cuddle, watching TV together… Could there be a more perfect image? I am yet to conjure one. … 


And am on my way… hopefully!

< 1 minutes After just so much wait, seemingly interminable months of looking forward to the day, I am finally ready to start my journey. All my bags are packed, and all that remains is to clean my rooms, wash the dishes, check-in online and I am off to Amsterdam for the night. My flight leaves early tomorrow …