In NY, with my love

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Just so perfect, something I have dreamed of, for just so long, and today, after a seemingly interminable journey across the world, I am finally with my Rissa, just sitting next to her, as she studies, and we cuddle, watching TV together… Could there be a more perfect image? I am yet to conjure one.

I started from my hotel in Amsterdam at 6:00 and managed to make it to the airport with time to burn… I do recall, as I ate my Panini and drank me Java, that it would be the last cuppa Douwe Egberts for a while. The flight itself was quite uneventful. I spent the time listening to music and audio lectures by Prof. Bob Brier. Reached the US at 14:20 Local time (20:20 CET), and proceeded to rush to the immigration check. Due to my alacrity, and frequent lane changes, I was fortunate to find a really short line and was through within 3 minutes! Collected my luggage and re-deposited it at the Delta luggage center. The Georgian accent I must admit took some getting used to, rather a mix of southern drawl, with a smattering of English here and there. The flight to NY was delayed some though. I waited in the lounge, where my love called me, ever so excited the both of us, so looking forward.

As soon as my plane touched down, I ran out to the baggage claim, and there waiting for me… the love of my life… Just swept her in my arms, just so happy, indescribably happy to be reunited with my Rissa… Just kept squealing with delight as I held her in my arms…

I had not taken into account just how COLD it is here! It is -8 Degrees outside right now, and -14 with the windchill. I literally froze the minute we came out of the airport. We ordered a take-out pizza and mamma mia! Just SO lekker! I really have missed the Buffalo wings, Pepsi One and PIZZA! And to enjoy it all with my Rissa, what could I ask for more?

It is 9:12 Local time, and 3:12 AM CET, as I watch TV with my love, as she studies on. Just perfect I tell you.

Tally ma man, your stuff is here and all accounted for! ;) and de Jong dude, where’s the Flickr plugin?


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