Anniversary and iPhonezzz!

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What was once a dream, has now come to fruition, what was once dismissed as fantasy, is now in my hand. Yes my dears, I have an iPhone. What words could I use that would do justice to this device, designed with the user’s needs and customization, and not to mention the user’s comfort in mind? It is an amazing, nay AMAZING device, and I have spent the better half of the evening playing around with JBs and FW updates! An amazing array of applications, and a wide variety of options, the device just does not fail to wow!

Question is, why the hell did I wait THIS long? J

Rissa and I, have our nine month anniversary today, and after a long, difficult week of studies and work, we are finally ready to relax a little, and have planned a nice evening together, an evening of movies, popcorn and good wine! It is something we tried the last week, and god was it an amazing time that we spent together… Can’t wait for this evening. However right now as I type this, my baby is sleeping, catching up on some much needed sleep. I on the other hand tossed and turned till I decided to do the good thing and play a wee more with the iPhone.

So, did you know I can post directly to Flickr from my iPhone? Check out this pic I took and immediately forwarded to Flickr… Just ever so excited. Watch this space for more developments.

Also, this day we celebrated Diwali in India, and I did my small lil teeny tiny part in decorating my house with some lamps etc. On a side note, Michael Scott (from the Office) seems to have broken me forever. Everytime I think of Diwali it is his song from season 2 crops up in my head! Watch the show it is HILarious! Thanks Rissa and Digo for recommending it! Here’s a pic though of the house + lamps. Bis later, alligator


5 thoughts on “Anniversary and iPhonezzz!

  1. Wooow! Congrats on your new purchase! When did it launch in Holland? How much did you pay for it?

    BTW Happy Anniversary you two.

  2. Hi,

    I see from your picture that you have installed on your iphone. What version is your firmware?


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