Back again, for real.

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It has been a while since I last updated this blog. Rest assured I have been working quite hard, updating myself, as well as my gadget collection in the meantime. First things first. Yours truly won an iPad, mid-April, in an awesome giveaway sponsored by a leading gadget site. Needless to say I am thrilled by the booty, and am enjoying my iPad to the hilt. The last month also saw Kindle pass through the family, but, it was a fleeting visit, and I had to return it, for reasons I will expound upon, some other time.

The reason for no updates in a month (or so) is a borked WordPress install. Due to rather complicated htaccess rules on my server, my remote publishing app (Blogo) could not see the XMLRPC file. I tried a number of tricks from my repertoire, but it broke something or the other. I have finally simplified the htaccess file, and all is back to normal. I am using a new theme, and have added a number of new plugins. It may not work per spec, so do let me know if you notice something amiss.


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