Boot 132 Snow Leopard finally here.

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Seems that booting the retail Snow Leopard DVD on a Hackintosh is now possible with a new release of Boot132. Insanelymac has more information. I am going to try this later this week.


4 thoughts on “Boot 132 Snow Leopard finally here.

  1. Well this one worked for me. Install went fine. I think the only thing needed for the BOOT-132 is DSDT.AML added. I then had to use Chameleon RC2 and RC3 boot files to boot off my new Snow. I added UUID.kext. The only thing not working right now is sound. I have a Rev 1 board so it is a little different from Rev 3.3. I also have problems where rebooting doesn’t work all the way, it stops Snow but doesn’t reboot the BIOS. Also sleep fails to wake up.

  2. Hey that’s awesome! are you using the OpenHaltRestart.kext from Psystar? It will do the job. I am rather excited to see the Boot132 method work. I think I can give it a try the next time I reinstall (soon I am sure).
    Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Yea. I have the OpenHaltRestart.kext. OSX quits just fine just the machine won’t reboot. On Shutdown the HDs spin down but it doesn’t turn the power off. I did get audio working with the VoodooHDA21_X64 kext. I do notice my SATA says Unknown AHCI Standard Controller in Sys Profiler but it is working fine.

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