Clusterf*** to Vista

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With a lot of shame and a lot of sadness I must convey my heartfelt sympathies on the demise of Windows Vista on my System. The spawn of evil, the crux and root of all that is bad, Vista killed my system, and took with it, one of my precious HDDs.

The saga begins on a quiet Friday evening when I installed Vista on my server, so that I could enjoy the stupid glass effects. I had previously installed Vista on my main system, but just felt so dirty and violated that I went back to OS X. Life was great and birds were chirping outside. I could feel the warmth of Steve Jobs’ smile raining down on me.

The server apparently could not take it. The next morning when I woke up, to my chagrin and my utter disappointment (at the same time), one of my array of 9 disks was making whirr and click, whirr and click noises. I was just flabbergasted! OH NO I thought what about my Data, OH NO, what if it is my 300 gigs of Movies, most irreplaceable, or my 500 Gigs of Series etc etc… the victim in the end was just the series. My data is safe. The culprit— VISTA! The constant spin up and spin downs, which my common sense told me, were detrimental to the HDD’s life span, finally caused the HDD to break. The worst part is, that it was originally an external HDD, which I had cannibalized and made internal, the warranty is null and voided.

I was just sick of this stuff. That is when I decided that it was high time to take some action. And some action I did take. I cannibalized the server and assembled my main computer in the chieftec design, and made the server redundant. Three of the HDDs made it into the OS X machine and the rest will be made external USB 2.0 HDDs when the time and money so permit.

Settings were a bitch on my OS X, and it took me a LONG  time to set up a combination of IDE and S-ATA and S-ATA II drives to work together harmoniously. In the end I have succeeded, and here I am on my C2D machine, with 1,4 TB of storage at my disposal, all formatted in HFS and waiting for data. I have started on the road, the arduous road to the recovery of my series, and though it shall take long, I am not fazed.


2 thoughts on “Clusterf*** to Vista

  1. So – let me get this straight. You take an external HD and convert it to an internal HD, expecting all to be well with the Universe and that whatever good karma you had stored in your live would keep you from botching the job….and you have the stones to blame Windows Vista?

    Wow! I really must have higher IT skills or even more karma than you, because I’ve been runnning a RAID-0 server since Longhorn/Vista was beta with ZERO problems. It looks like you’ve been drawn back to OS X by the “Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field Generator” automatically installed by OS X – it’s called “Finder”, and it’s called that so the “Jobs Reality Distortion Field” Network can find YOU!

    Nicely Done!

  2. Naturally m8, what in the world could go wrong with that idea indeed. The fault lies squarely with the OS, due to it’s cycles of spin-ups and spin-downs due to the irregular deep sleep it forces on the HDDs. The cannibalized HDD worked great on OS X, until I decided to put it on Vista a few months back. The cycle and the clicks recorded on all HDDs as they spun up and down per requirement from the Vista OS, was just alarming to say the least, but hey I kept it to maintain my former Wind0ze fanboi status.

    And you make it sound as if the “Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field Generator” is essentially a bad thing. It just harkens back to my old adage… “Once you go mac, you don’t go back”.

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