Firefox Adblock Plus and Flash on Mac, Twinkle iPhone and all that.

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As a Firefox user on Mac, I make use of the plethora of plugins available, best of which I find Adblock Plus to get rid of the ubiquitous Ads that plague the net. If you haven’t installed ABP already, stop reading now – and sully not my site. Oh well just kidding. Since the very beginning though I have had this recurring problem where the Flash content on any of the sites I visited would not show up or would show up as a blank frame with controls enabled. For the life of me I could not figure out whether the issue lay with the browser or my Installation. Never really did I give it much thought, since hey it is Flash and I can do without that.

Today though, being bored out of my skull I decided to "Google" around to find if there were others who had this problem and ran across a blog post that suggested that the problem lies with ABP, and unchecking "Show Tabs on Flash and Java" will correct the problem. And voila, doing that, I have my content back. Not bad.

I am waiting "sehnsuechtig" for Firefox 3 though. It is blazingly fast even in the Beta (5) stage and offers a fantastic array of options dealing with tags, bookmark organization and not to mention speed. I must however wait till June for the same. What I love most about it, is the OS customized look and feel. Firefox finally looks tamed for OS X. The best I could find for FF2 was a theme that makes it look a wee like Safari:

An inelegant workaround at best. But oh well.

The past week has been rather taxing on both motivation and energies. Things have kicked into a high gear at a personal level, though have hit a new low elsewhere. I find myself Twinkle’ing a lot more often from my iPhone on the road. It is a unique experience getting to read Twitter micro-blogs now contextualized to location. It is remarkable how such a simple concept catches on. Being in Amsterdam, I could read what people around me were up to, and could instantly query people in my immediate vicinity regarding the best places for x or y. The community being new, has ample motivation to respond. For now it feels good to be amongst the pioneers of the Twinkle group.

The week ahead is going to be awesome. Rissa arrives on Friday for an extended break of seven weeks! Though it shall be slog time for her as she prepares for her boards, I shall get to be with my love, and spend time together, and spend what promises to be a glorious summer together! Preparations for her arrival are already on, as the excitement reaches a fever pitch. Although before then, there is a lot of stuff that she needs to get done – an exam, and stuff.

 I hope the current bout of excellent weather continues – it has been sunny and beautiful the past few days and since I have a day off on Wednesday (Queen’s day in the NL), I plan to go to Aachen to enjoy the beer and the sunshine a wee bit.

Off to goof off some more, probably watch some more "24" etc. Cheers!


One thought on “Firefox Adblock Plus and Flash on Mac, Twinkle iPhone and all that.

  1. Nice blog mate. I use addblock plus for firefox on windows XP and I must say it is the most useful add on. I am one who absolutely HATES those pesky pop up ads and addblock plus has eliminated them all :D Abhishek

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