Four days and counting

3 minutes

Ah it has been forever since the last update, and frankly I have no excuses, since I am on the Mac all the time. So I guess, the best reason for a lack of updates has been the fevered pace at which I am working nowadays. Yes you read right, I am back to the roots and to my element, working on the code migration from RoR to PHP. It has taken some time, but already I am seeing the benefits of moving to PHP, from Ruby.

Back to the main title of the post, and yes, there are just 4 days and counting to the time my Rissa starts for Paris, where we plan to meet for our first anniversary. Just reflecting on the year past, I am struck by how amazing the journey has been, from the trepidation of the first time we expressed our love to each other, to the amazing highs of the past few months. It has been such a beautiful journey. This anniversary symbolically marks the advent of the new year, and a year of promises and so much to look forward to. *sigh*

In other news, here in the NL, the carnival festivities are underway, because of which OU will be closed on Monday and on Tuesday! So it shall be a long weekend indeed. I really wish I could partake some in the festivities this year, but deadlines galore make it rather impractical to go ahead with the joyous buffoonery. I set up a new workspace in my room for the laptop (HP Compaq 8510w), and tomorrow I shall start once again.

The Mac has been performing splendidly. I am happy to report an uptime of nine days, with no plans for switching it off anytime soon. As the days go by, I really find the "Spaces" in Leopard to be such a time saver. I used to rely on two monitors to manage my work, but now with a flick of a mouse wheel I can cart through the various desktops and find my way around the workspace just fine. I am quite impressed. Trust Apple to take something that was done half-assed everywhere else, and implement it to perfection.

I have also been watching a few movies on Premiere of late. Yesterday it was Die Hard IV, and Saw III. I was quite impressed with the former and quite aghast at the latter. Bruce Willis did a terrific job – fine acting, good action scenes, and low techno babble which gets a bit annoying, but not really grating. Saw, well what does one expect from such a movie… Gore and violence, and it does not fail on those accounts, though I am not sure what it is that they have chosen to show in Saw IV. The directors did try and outdo themselves this time in both the movies, and it shows.

So that’s what’s been up with me of late! Cheers!


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