Happy Birthday Mom!

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What a joyous day indeed, happy birthday dearest Mom! Oh how the celebrations must be at home, and it is on occasions as these, that I miss home ever so dearly. Talked to dad this morning and also to my brother, and found out that a celebration is indeed in the offing. Nagi’s and the Innie’s have been cordially invited and shall be attending. Ah I can almost see it, the rushed activities at home, as they prepare the banquet, not to mention the sweetmeats and Arti’s favorite “Misthi”. I do hope though, that they go that extra mile and make the pudding that Mom was ever so famous for! It was a regular at all the bashes she hosted. That would indeed be, just the best birthday gift. Any pix from the bash, I shall put up here! Happy Birthday my dearest mother!

In the NL however, it is Paper Writing Day II. I have started with another mind-map and am altering the same on the basis of a few suggestions made by the supervisors. A very handy tool this Freemind, and I really love the ease with which one can move betwitxt the maps. I long however, to start with the actual process of writing – Mind-maps are fun and all, but cannot really compare to the joy of writing a paper. In related news, I have discovered I relate best to Enya whilst in a creative zone. Afer Ventus (literally translated from Latin to “African Wind”) is the song that plays right now, and it is just so soothing. Anyways, back to work!

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So I am done with the Mindmap , and it has been approved. Ok it took some time. But it is ready! For yo reference peeps here you goes!


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