iPhone 4 ordered

2 minutes

The guests are met, the feast is set, mayst hear the merry din!

So spake the ancient Mariner. But here we are, about five hours into the iPhone 4 pre-order mania, and though the process has been painful at best, our orders are in. Though not with Apple.com, we did manage to get the order through with AT&T. They are confirmed and scheduled for delivery on June 24th.

It is a shame though, how woefully unprepared Apple was for the overwhelming demand for the iPhone 4. No sooner had the pre-orders begun at 4:00AM EST, the servers were deluged by the masses and were sent into a tizzy.

I tried for the better part of an hour – having woken up at 4:15AM – but to no avail. Disgusted, I ordered via ATT.com and it went through immediately.

Now begins the wait till June 24th!


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