Movie Night!

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After a long hard day at work, the Germans (Blondie, Hendick, Glahnsen) and I decided, being the sole occupants of the Cage this day, to congregate at my place after work for a round of drinks and movies. That being decided quick, we met at 21:00 for a night of debauchery! The Namesake showed up a wee tipsy, and of course we did not help, being so immersed in the Societal Drunkenness.

Many a beer was sacrificed to mother thirst, and we had a jolly time tanking up on candy, chips and all that is unhealthy. The aftermath…


2 thoughts on “Movie Night!

  1. Hehe yeah m8, you did not help at all, especially that lemon becks, blegh…DO NOT EVER FORCE ME TO DRINK THAT AGAIN!!! Anyway I really hope Blondie’s stomache was able to deal with that sheer amount of food you made him eat (not even starting about the weird mix of crisps, chocolate and sugar free candy)

  2. haha sake of name, well I had to be the consummate host now! :P Come on you enjoyed the lemony Becks… tasted more like Sprite than Alcy. Hendick oughtta switch to Groelsch ja?
    Blondie is enjoying his days with Bas, though I keep feeding him and Drachslaa some candy from time to time… you know just to keep the motivation up ;)

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