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Now featuring 3.0 TB of storage and counting. I have been waiting to start this blog post since forever, ever since my first HDD developed an interface error. I had tried everything in my vast repertoire of skills at troubleshooting, and had categorically ruled out most of the common and uncommon faults. The only recurring faults could be summarily traced back to the HDD, which I had to send back twice to Komplett. I was surprised, pleasantly so, by the alacrity shown by this Excellent webshop in dispatching with the RMA. It struck me as most refreshing that they solved problems within hours, and dispatched replacements within the same day, guaranteeing a next-day delivery. The experience has been quite exhilarating, and finally I have found a web-shop I am willing to deal with. Kudos to Komplett!

Yesterday I took the afternoon after the conference in Maastricht (which went splendidly btw), to build together the server system with Windows Vista Ultimate. The network speed lag that I had noticed betwitxt the XP and Vista systems is gone, and I am getting a network speed ranging from 40-50 MBps at the top. I am quite satisfied with that I daresay. I built together two HDDs on my main client (a total of 1 TB local), and set up network mounts. The server is not envisaged for any downtime and for that I believe the choice of a low power Celeron D processor (with a max intake of 35 W) is quite a canny choice indeed.

I was so bushed after the long ordeal that lying down for ostensibly for an hour, I slept soundly for 12! Guess the lack of sleep the last few days finally caught up with yours truly. But thankfully had the most amazing chat with my love before I did call it quits (unbeknownst to me of course). She is ever so sweet and is busy with an endeavor that I promised her I wouldn’t make public lest my bro or dad be reading this post.

On to more cryptic messages. The post last week that got a number of you wondering, well, regard it as the title of my Blog suggest… a mental queef! All is fine, we do have our ups and downs and things albeit rosy now, aren’t always so. That is as much as I am willing to write on a public forum. Well onwards to my Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Now featuring…

  1. Hey Tim so good that all is fine -) Wow so much techno talk in your posts. It really sucks about your computer, but if you can’t solve a computer problem, it is probably unsolvable anyway. Keep posting.

  2. Hey ezel, yeah I agree your blog has been full of *cough* geeky *cough* stuff lately, probably also stemming from a lack of trips to Lunteren, Innsbruck, Fréjus, etc. Hope we will have one of those soon again, because that joint Vitamine G at John Mullens this week certainly tasted like more!

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