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Yesterday I decided to take a gander at OC’ing my system. The initial idea when I bought the C2D system back in February was that these CPUs are OC demons, and OC just so beautifully, a facility I had not availed of till now. I found an excellent guide for the P965 Gigabyte systems, which a total n00b like me could easily follow. The results speak for themselves! A smokin’ system with a bus multiplier of 2 and freq. 333 giving me a sweet grand total of 2997.0 MHz or a 3 GHz C2D. That’s faster than a 6850 for the price of a 6600, and this on stock cooling. I have ordered an Akasa AK-925 REVO Thermodynamic CPU fan which should be delivered today, the reviews were all quite positive… my own will follow!

On the job front, the first evaluation of the application by the boss was quite positive indeed, and he is quite happy with the progress so far. A lot of work still needs to be done, however, the overall direction is what he had in mind. I spent the most of the day yesterday giving demos to interested parties, all of whom really were impressed with my event model, and the concepts behind the dev effort. Tally ho says I.

As the days progress, the excitement and anticipation grow… Rissa and I just are so looking forward to starting the next half year of being together and just enjoying the immense and exciting array of destinations and opportunities we have in the works. The days don’t nearly pass quickly enough, to that date in December when I shall fly to be with her, and celebrate the holidays with her and her family. And after that… Oh dear me I wander.

But to make it quite official, here we are, proof of my OC!


4 thoughts on “OC land

  1. haha when I read OC I thought wow, Tim’s in Orange County, but then I told myself to read further and not get quite as excited. Turns out I was right.

    What? no blog post about Leopard yet? or the new Macbooks? Are you OK?

    My regards to your “baby” ha ha.

  2. Hi Tim,
    I got your blog update on my feed. Very interesting. You did not update which site you got the information from? Also what is the kind of fan that you are using? Thank you.

  3. haha you ol dawg, how are ya doin’ m8! I wish it were the O.C. though.
    Well m8 nothing about Leopard or Macbooks coz, well I haven’t tried either of them yet. I can’t wait to try a a hackitosh solution, but till then, I stay mum!
    And lolz stop it with them teasin’ already or should I out ya out? ; )

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