Picking up pace

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Over the last few days, developments have indeed picked up pace, the departments showing alacrity and speed in every facet of the process – something both Rissa and I are rather happy for, and do hope that the trend continues.

It has been a slow weekend so far. The plans to go out with the Namesake fell through last night due to my own somnolence and inactive turpitude. As a result, I did miss out on a couple of pints of Guinness. For sure the namesake must be hopping pissed, for which I apologize m8! So what have I been doing since I woke up in the late hours of last night? Well, one word – movies. Having a load of HD movies in my possession, I decided last night to "re-watch" some of the classics. Started with a Testosterone pumped "Rambo" and went on to Sci-Fi pumping classic "Predator" in HD. Thoroughly enjoying the two, I ended the night watching American Dad, season 3. Is it just me, or is AD actually becoming watch-able in the current season. I think maybe it is so because they have dialed the main protagonist down a notch.

This afternoon I decided to give "Predator 2" a try. Boy do I rue the decision. The sequel can’t hold a candle to the original. It is so¬† awful that I, a fan of B grade Sci Fi movies, find the plot, the acting, the effects, everything down to Glover’s lopsided performance – rather cliche and very boring. I guess the charm of the original lies in the situation Arnie (who sounds so much like Wolfgang in our office, or the other way round) finds himself – alone in the jungle, forced to fight the Predator on its own turf, devising weapons and defensive techniques, as well as the reverence almost one feels for the Predator, and its thirst for the kill. The sequel just grates on the nerves, and robs the original alien of any kind of mystique or respect. But I think I over-analyze a wee. But, watching the flick again after nearly 10-12 odd years makes me reminiscence about my teenage years when any odd flick with an iota of S-effex could make me go woo. Not so much anymore.

And on a side note, thanks guys all of you who took the time out to congratulate us on our great news, either on my blog or per mail!


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