Remove Attachments in Apple Mail ⌘

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Right under my nose all the time, and never did I actually care to look for it, but rather bemoaned the lack of a “remove attachments” feature in Apple Mail.

You see, I was looking in all the “wrong” places, namely in the contextual menu when one right clicks an email in Apple Mail. Other clients like Thunderbird and Entourage offer the option to remove attachments from an email in the contextual menu. Apple decided against it, as perhaps people don’t use it (the world according to Apple).

Message -> Remove Attachments

This morning I tried and lo and behold I found the option to remove attachments from the emails I get. Now I can archive the message without necessarily storing for all eternity the added fluff some people usually attach with their mails. My Mailbox size has gone from 420 MB to just 11MB.

The discovery of this feature has made this already amazing Apple Mail app, even more invaluable in my book.


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