Return of a Titan

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No, I don’t just mean yours truly. Although just so much has happened in the interim between the last update and now. For one, we moved across the country, leaving the cold Buffalo winters behind and saying hello to 70F winters in Florida. Ah, the Bay area, with the best beach in the country some 30 minutes away. Stepping into a new city, uprooting our established lives didn’t come easy. We had our shares of ups and downs. Emotional highs and crushing lows. But we’ve come out better for it. A new house, a fresh, sunny outlook on life. Living in a City finally, with City amenities and City traffic. A new job doing what I love best, in a University and department I love! Back to the world of PHP and MVC.

A few changes under the hood though.

Thanks to “Let’s Encrypt”, this blog and all my sites are now SSL secured. I can’t laud this project enough. Free SSL certs for three months? Come on. But I do concur with the premise – there is really NO reason to be out in the open, sans HTTPS anywhere, anymore. What, or when are we? Back in the early 2ks?

I am reacquainting myself with an old friend “Blogo”. It was a fun app I used back in my 10.5-10.6 days to publish my blog posts here. I bought it back then, only to see them disappear along with my enthusiasm for blogging. They are back now on the MAS, and much more polished than before. Blogo v2 if you please.

Having espoused the responsive world, I am doing it right this time. Here’s to a wonderful new start.


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