Save me and all that

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Sunday, the lord’s day, I have finally recuperated enough from the searing pain to take up my laptop again and pen in a blog post. The last few days have just been horrid. It began with toothache that was quickly suppressed with an analgesic or two, and it grew into this monstrous pain to end all pains that took over my entire being to the point I couldn’t do a thing – reeling with pain whenever I moved my head a bit. Nothing helped, not the ten aspirins I started taking, nor swishing alcy in my mouth. Nothing helped. After an overdue visit to the dentist, it turns out I have an infection at the site of a root canal from over 14 years ago, and now I need dental surgery, which is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday). Great, so close to the wedding too. I hope all turns out well. The doctor did prescribe some VERY strong loopy medication with some penicillin and thanks to that, things have gotten bearable. Enough for me to get some work done, but them face is all swollen. Oh well.

Firmware 2.1 came out Friday, and apart from a new Edge icon, there are so many subtle changes under the hood for my iPhone. For one, updating Apps doesn’t displace them all over the place. Another – installation is so much faster now, and backups even faster. The phone feels so much snappier. Battery life has also increased tremendously. I had to switch "Push" to off initially, as I could barely squeeze 24 hours out of my iPhone. Now I have it on, and the battery meter shows full after nearly 14 hours since charge. So indeed, I am impressed.

Time to log off and get some antibiotics flowing through me again. Wish me luck for tomorrow folks!


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