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Just so beautiful outside: it has been snowing for nearly two hours now, and Heerlen looks like a Winter Wonderland… at long last! So long to run outside and play in the snow and make a snowman, or make another snow-angel (a-la Innsbruck). But I vetoed the snow angel idea as soon as I had it, owing to the rather unfortunate consequences of playing in the snow the last time. Ach, seems I am gonna be stuck inside the whole day, since the namesake is MIA!

At work, the editing of the chapter goes on, and I have finally finished the Observations on the LD Process and now am revising the LD tooling section. One of the reviews we got back, was really verwirrt, and seemed to be clutching at straws just to discredit the work (must be the French). It seems rather an uphill battle to get it compliant to their requests. I ask you, what does indeed UML have to do with IMSLD apart from the conceptual design phase? Why then must one describe UML in our case? One reviewer says we paid too much importance to the tooling and the other one says, not enough – expand the section. Ach.

I call this day the Invasion of the M’s. I am hopelessly outnumbered. Since most of the ape-cage is working from home today, the ones present are Milos, Malik, Miao and Muennever… bhago bhago, invasion of the M’s!

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In response to Vindicate’s comment on Feb 06, 07

Hey Vindicate, your blog is not up yet! Waiting for it. Some good points you brought up bro, but well, I had the same problem with the Mac. I am way too used to Windows and adjusting to the Mac, though was fun, brought with it, its own share of problems. Mainly Email. I just didn’t want to use Microsoft Entourage (owing to it being a PPC native and not Intel) and thus couldn’t check my Exchange email. Apart from this, things I take for granted in Windows (DUMeter, CDisplay and the like) have very basic equivalents on the Mac platform. Mac suffers the same disadvantages as Vista suffers now – Lack of compatible software. But whereas Vista’s pains will ease with the release of SP1 and 3rd party driver support, same cannot be said of Mac as of now… perhaps with more of a market share, things are different.


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