Testdrive Windows 7 Beta 1

2 minutes

Usually the prerogative of MSDN Technet Subscribers and *Arr Matey’s* – starting this afternoon, the average Joe Six-pack will be able to download the latest beta version of Microsoft’s next gen OS – Windows 7, for free!  Starting from 12:00PM PST (or 3:00PM EST), interested users can download the limited time beta directly from Microsoft.

Though many have been scarred by what has been described as the greatest Microsoft debacle since Windows ME, Windows 7 seems to offer what Vista should have from day one – Speed, Compatibility, UI enhancements, streamlined OS, etc. A number of reviews of the same can be found here, here & here.

A caveat though – I did notice that all the people beta-testing and posting their reviews of Windows 7 were testing on an ueber-pumped up system (usually Core-i7 processors and 8 Gigs of RAM at times), rendering the result of such a test run, more or less meaningless for normal users with more "dated" hardware, which is the true test of an OS. Anyways, I can’t wait to be one of the waiting masses as the ISO becomes available. One thing is certain, the servers will be clogged, and the download speeds won’t amount to much at all.


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