Writing Session in full force

2 minutes

So I pulled a 12 hour shift at work. Got in at 08:15 AM and left at 08:20 PM. Reason you might ask? The Writing Session… on one hand it is rather good that we have this much pressure to deliver in these two weeks, and on the other, it could’ve been managed better. For instance the lectures, which are ever so informative, could’ve been delivered the previous week. Namesake agrees with me here. It is as if one finds oneself in a party and is ordered to “Have Fun”. That rant aside, I really am getting into the whole spirit of things. The mind-map complete and the laptop all ready once again (thanks Namesake), I was ready to start writing. Though the pace would’ve probably been a lot slower, had Rob not informed us in the presentation this morning, that the first draft is due tomorrow, Friday, 2nd March 2007, at 05:00 PM CET. Eep. For a person who had not written down a word yet on any sort of paper, this particular bit of news set off alarm bells in me noggin’.

Hans followed up Rob’s presentation, with his APACage guidelines. Soon enough his headaches shall be my headaches since I have taken over the EndNote part. It was quite informative, if not all new. But soon after a walk, I got down to the abstract and then spent the whole day from 01:00 PM to 08:20 PM just working on my paper.

Which brings me to now. Rather tired, and just ready to turn in. Will update the Blog for yesterday, tomorrow ; )

Ich liebe dich liebchen!

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