Active Directory and OS X

3 minutes

Probably a gold doubloon for whoever can explain how I can seamlessly access the AD from OS X. I have tried the better part of the day configuring the Nameservers and Domain rights on my Mac, but still don’t seem to be any closer to accessing the pure nirvana that is printing to an MFC from my Powerbook.

The whole problem has to do with the printer being on a Windows Domain, to which I can only be added by the Net Admin. Now that would not be a problem, generally, only the Admin is a chap who swears by his Win2k3 bible, and follows the ICTS department line to the hilt “No support for Macs”. Ezels. So, it is up to me to devise ways and means of joining the AD without any Admin support, which is not only a tall order, but perhaps impossible too.

We had a visit from a PhD hopeful, who incidentally is Indian. It was such a refreshing, and yet weird sensation to talk to someone in Hindi in the OTEC. The general order of things, since the beginning have pointed in the direction of me, being the only one, not only in the OU, but Heerlen in general. Imagine sitting there in the Apecage, talking to someone in Hindi/Punjabi. I stumbled through, realizing rather late, that I have kind of forgotten my roots. What a shame.

But, Danish shall take the position left open by Malik’s departure. I mailed our Frenchman this morning, and hope he is doing well. He, was missed just ever so much at the Summer School. So Danish will be working with Peter and ABL. It should work out for him, for he has a good background in the same.

CGL, MVK and I along with the Namesake had an impromptu meeting this afternoon, where we talked at length about the Summer School and what we could learn from it, to implement in the Winter School next year. A lot of ideas were thrown around in what turned out to be a very fruitful discussion. The main things discussed that we all tended to agree upon was the need for Cluster-f***s and more self-organized workshops, as well as clear-cut information and guidance of what is expected of us and the clusters by the end of the School. Innsbruck was just amazing, and I cannot wait till the next School session.

Just thirteen days remain till Rissa is in the NL. It is such an amazing feeling as the countdown starts once again. Just can’t wait, it seems just so perfect, we get to spend three weeks together and then in another two weeks I will be with her once again. This just is, so much more perfect than I could’ve imagined. *sigh*

Today also marks the 90th Birthday of my Grandfather, the great Sodhi indeed. Dad marked the birthday with a remembrance party in Delhi, and invited some of his friends and new neighbors. Digo assures me it was a grand affair. He is of course a happy soul, now that his exams are over. He plans to return to Vista after having dabbled in Ubuntu, the evil schubuntu giant.

Oh well, another day, another dollar.


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