Coppercore for Mac OS X – a HowTo

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Getting Coppercore to run on my Mac has turned out to be more an ordeal than I had earlier imagined. The scripts needed to be changed and the environment set. There is not too much help on the web for Mac users of CCRT, so here is my little how-to.

First set the $JAVA_HOME variable to point to where you have installed Java. In Windows it is very straightforward. In OS X, jump to the tcsh and locate your Java folder. Just type

which java

Use the output. In my case it was /usr/bin/java

export JAVA_HOME

To check whether it has been included in the env, type


You should see the JAVA_HOME included in the enviroment settings. Remember, though this is tcsh, setenv doesn’t work.

Next, open the coppercore shell script ( with TextEdit and paste the following in there directly

#Shell script to launch CCRT on OS X

DIRNAME=`dirname $0`

# Add the to the class path

# Setup file prefix for configuration
export JAVA_OPTS

# Launch JBoss, include the path to the contained
# JBoss folder
exec "$DIRNAME"/jboss-4.0.4.GA/bin/ $*

exit 0

Now open your, in case you want to go via the clicc route and avoid the web based (SLeD) path. Again using TextEdit and now makeĀ  the following changes to the Script. Change

$JAVA_HOME/bin/java $SP -cp "$CP" org.coppercore.clients.Clicc


$JAVA_HOME/usr/bin/java $SP -cp "$CP" org.coppercore.clients.Clicc

Save, and exit. Now execute the, and then



And there you have it! Continue as recommended on the Coppercore website.


One thought on “Coppercore for Mac OS X – a HowTo

  1. The line for clicc do not have to include “/usr/bin/java”

    $JAVA_HOME/usr/bin/java $SP -cp “$CP” org.coppercore.clients.Clicc

    as the directory [] will not be found

    Lines should be:

    $JAVA_HOME $SP -cp “$CP” org.coppercore.clients.Clicc

    (at least in my case).

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