At the cottage by the Lake

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A delayed blog entry this time around. We are Rissa’s parent’s cottage by the lake. Sitting at the table with the girls and Sam working on our wedding invitations. It is an overcast day with the wind blowing and the temperatures dipping. A perfect day for invites! The conversation flows, banter, leg pulling, and snacking from time to time, as lil Ella runs around sharing her chips and giggling.

The setting is picturesque, the lake looks so enormous and inviting and I have been going crazy snapping pictures of the surroundings, especially the pebble beach. It is so peaceful and serene here, the cottage is so open, overlooking the wide, open lake, which could be the ocean for all I know and as far as the eye can see.

¬†We had trouble with the water supply this morning, but Sam and dad were so quick and efficient in fixing the pipes. So we have water again, and things are getting settled in anticipation of the celebrations later tonight. Independence Day baby that’s what I am talking about! Sam and Jen brought up fireworks from IN, and if the weather clears up, it shall be glorious this night. Pictures shall follow.


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