Love this country!

2 minutes

Wasn’t quite sure how it works around here, does one just walk into a Supermarket and whip out one’s laptop and start surfing? Seemed to be stuff of science fiction. But today as Rissa went to the Test center, I made my way to a big grocery market chain around here (Wegmans), full of trepidation – "Would they have a problem with me using their Internet…" " Would they mind if I used their electricity to charge my MBP" and so on. But all of those fears came to naught as I walked in and bought my caramel latte. Here I am on the first floor, overlooking the huge store, and using their Internet and their power, as I sip my coffee. Speeds reaching up to 6 Mbps. The first thing I did was download all the updates as I chatted with the Namesake and my bro. And as for the employees of Wegmans – downright courteous to a fault! Keep walking by on their chores, smiling or exchanging a greeting. Love this place!

Seems one of the people at my former workplace is miffed at another person, and blogged about it, a fact that was immediately picked upon by the ex boss. Ach. More the things change, more they remain the same.

Anyway, getting back to my temporary HQ, seems that this will be my spot for the next two hours until lunch when I go have lunch with Rissa at the Test center.


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