Back again, naturadiddly

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Back again, and at long last. How does one begin to summarize what has been an incredible journey, and an incredible time. I apologize to all y’all for the lack of updates after my last one in Seattle. The time since then was spent in amazing bliss with my loved one, and her family. We also visited my family in good ol Toronto, CA, where I also met a friend from back home and his GF. Rissa and I spent these weeks in such incredible happiness and joy, with visions of further happiness and bliss to come, one day when the ocean doesn’t separate us, and when we can finally be as a family on the same soil.

Incredible numbers of pictures stand testament, and endeavor to put across what a beautiful time we guys had in all the places we went-  Buffalo, NYC, Toronto etc. These shall be uploaded to my new photo site (powered by iPhoto ’08, but more on that later).

What stands out most in this time spent, is the fact that US is simply awesome. I am in awe of the country, something I wasn’t sure I would feel. But the place, the warmth of the people, just won me over. The land of choice and land of plenty, the country has it all to offer. People are spoiled for choice, and though some might view it as wasteful, it is a whole different culture and a different lifestyle from the rest of the world. When someone in the store can demand a 9 and 3/4 of a shoe size, you know that you are in the land where the consumer is the king.

So alas I return, with amazing memories of the incredible time spent in homely bliss with Rissa, the fond recollections of all we did, the beautiful feeling of being accepted by her family, the warmth and the bliss of having met my family just so far away from home.


2 thoughts on “Back again, naturadiddly

  1. Dude, it is such a pity we didn’t get to talk or meet this time. I hope you shall call upon us when you are back in the states. Give Rissa my regards.

  2. Yeah m8, sorry for that. Kinda lost track of time, space and all that. Was with the love of me life, and as it is the time we had together was kinda limited. But surely the next time am there, will definitely drop by!

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