Day 3, A day of R&R and Stormy weathers

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The ES v2.0 being decided and the agenda being finalized, it has been a day of Rest and Relaxation, thus far. Not much has been accomplished this day due to the dreadful weather which I seem to have carried with me, all the way from Holland. Here is a pic of the Seattle/Bellevue vista.

Oh well, have spirit, will travel, or so goes ye olde man’s adage. However I must, most shamefacedly admit, I stayed in. It was pouring outside and I, alas without a brolly, stayed in, waiting for a respite. Which of course never came… so, in the spirit of my Dutchness I braved the rain to at least venture out to Circuit City. What I found it was a gre’bbig store, with a huge variety of sorts. I am told that they don’t come any bigger than this! But well, it was devoid of people at the time, so I just browsed for hours! Bought an INCREDIBLY cheap Memory Stick Pro Duo stick 2.0 GB and got me a prepaid phone! Why you ask? – So that you guys can at least ring me up when I am here. So mail me, and I shall reply with my phone number. Be nice folks, it is just Verizon! I took it mainly coz Rissa is on it, and it would make it easier for my baby to call me up!

And American buses! No matter what the distance, you pay a lump sum of $1.25! That is it! I had lunch at a very nice Indian restaurant, and now am off to dinner at a pizzeria near here! Papa John’s here I come! I did stop by at the same 711 and bought some all-American candy, and chocolates. Hubba Bubba, Hershey chocolates, I went the whole 9 yards. All of them amazing, save the chocolates. For sure, the Europeans have the art of chocolate-making, down pat. No way does a Hershey’s bar even remotely approaches the delish Lindt standards.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference, and that is it, it shall be time for me to leave Redmond, and god knows when I shall be back. I shall indeed miss the great time I had here, and the people that I met. Some great networks have been forged, that I shall be following up after I return. Most of all, we managed to sort out the ES v2.0 profile issues, to an extent.

Anyway, more updates as and when they happen!

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4 thoughts on “Day 3, A day of R&R and Stormy weathers

  1. Hi Tim, it was nice to meet you at the conference. Do drop me an email when you are back in the Netherlands. Keep in touch.

  2. Hey Tim

    So i see you’re already in NA! Sent you an email earlier on ur’ gmail addy, and was wondering if u d’ read it. Neways, any plans of visiting Canada?


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