Bisons vs Louiseville game on Saturday

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This Saturday we headed to the Bisons’ stadium for what was essentially my first baseball game! It was a lovely overcast evening, with promise of a thunderstorm later that night. Downtown was deserted apart from the Stadium, which was agog with activity! This day marked my first intro to a taste of nachos with cheese, and the other goodies Rissa cajoled me into trying. We sat down so close to the diamond, I could almost smell the action as the game started. But before that I really needed a primer which Dad, Rissa and Jen provided in ample detail, as Sammy walked lil Ella around.

An all-American baseball game! Hawkers sold peanuts, beer and pop as the game inched on, inning by inning, the balls often being hit all the way to the stands – it was much the way I have read in the books  and seen in movies. I often sat agape just taking it all in, and found myself soon cheering for the Bisons who were fighting a losing battle. It was simply splendid watching my Rissa turn into a baseball fan singing along and taunting the batsmen, it was just hilarious to see this side of my beloved.

Thunderclouds rolled in and threatened to put an end to the game as we decided to cap this evening after the 7th inning. The final score? Louiseville beat the Bisons 9-3. Oh well better luck next time.


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