Happy Fourth of July!

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My first fourth of July celebrations here! And what a way to celebrate. Last evening we had an open BBQ and what a spread! Mom and Dad sure know how to throw a party! There was corn, hot dogs, baked beans, relish, and more corn! I went nutsies about them corn, smothering it with butter and salt (a fact I regret now that I look at my midriff). Oh well…

Dessert followed – Jenny’s birthday cake and all American Apple Pie! mm hmm! I of course went for seconds, ignorning the northern Dutch credo. After a hearty dinner we settled in with beer and snacks and watched Sammy light up the fireworks. Oohs and Ahhs followed, it was a splendid display of pyrotechnics, just loving it all. I video’d it all, living up to the name grandma Bee’s given me!

To top off the wonderful evening, Rissa and I set up our tent and our sleeping bags under the starry night. What a wonderful day indeed. We are back at the cottage now and have access to the Interwebs at last. Tomorrow is the big BBQ for grandpa Jess’s birthday, and we just set up the tents outside. In a few hours we’ll go in the pool! W00t.

And hey Namesake, Yaar also means "pal" in our ol’ Hindi! Congrats on your new TV! I am gonna check your blog for pix! And hey Tallytje, Rissa’s exam went well, and we’ve been so busy cleaning up our home and doing small chores around the place. How’s life back in the good ol’ Netherlands?


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