Black Friday and new hosts!

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The wonderful Thanksgiving feast being over, the day after is celebrated across the land with a fit of shopping frenzy aptly named "Black Friday". Retailers chop their margins razor thin to move their inventory, and attract customers by the droves for the holiday blowout extravaganza. If one is canny and spry, one can end up with an amazing deal to write home about (and perhaps resell the commodities purchased, at a premium elsewhere).

Wanting to be canny instead with my money, I perused the pre-sale flyers with a blase attitude and because I was looking for nothing in particular, none of the deals or bargains really spoke to me. As it turns out, I wasn’t looking hard enough.

The real gems to be found were tucked away in forums where the ever vigilant community posted and re-posted deals and bargains from all over the country. Being a member of one such community, I have been monitoring a specific site all day for a live web cast hawking gadgets and accessories, proceeds from the sales of which go to the Susan G. Komen’s charity for the cure. For a good cause, and for gadgets galore, I will loosen my purse strings. Here are some of the deals that have been offered thus far:

* $150 ~ Acer Aspire One
* $50 ~ CU Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers
* $1 ~ DiscGear Pink CD Cases
* $50 ~ Microsoft Pink Zune
* $10 ~ Memorex 100-Pack DVD+R
* $25 ~ SAMSUNG WEP350 Bluetooth Headset
* $300 ~ HP LaserJet
* $20 ~ Kensington Notebook Case
* $40 ~ Patriot 32gb USB2.0 Flash Drive ~ PINK-8213
* $12 ~ Centon 8gb Waterproof USB 2.0 Flash Drive
* $40 ~ Interlink Presentation Remote
* $10 ~ Blackberry 8300 charging pod

Yes you are reading the prices right… everything is nearly 50% off! I didn’t believe it at first, but a few calls and a few orders later (one of which actually worked out), I am a believer. Well, stay tuned for what else I manage to buy this day.

One of the other deals I found this day – a new domain and hosting solution. Three years for a linux hosted domain with unlimited bandwidth and space all for a princely sum of $45 dollars. Three years for that price, I really lucked out. More to follow!


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