Censorship and Digg

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Never thought it would come to this! How COULD you Digg! See and experience the awesome power of the Digg community when the echelons try to impose censorship! This is what results:

So proud of my community, a community that stood up, looked the Digg-echelons in the eye, and calmly screamed out “NEIN”. Kudos to you fellow Diggers!

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Developments over the past couple of hours have in effect, led to Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, to issue this statement. Digg is back! No more articles posting the key shall be censored! An awesome show of strength by the Digg community! I could not be more proud.

The night of 1st May, shall go down in History as the night the Digg users came in strength, flooding it with all sorts of articles (imaginative and otherwise), containing “The Key”. A blog rightfully claimed, that the HD-DVD key is an example of the 21st century’s digital revolt. It is indeed an honor to be an enlightened netizen today. Never has the community come together in defiance of a conglomerate, be it RIAA, or MPAA, as we did against the censorship policies of Digg. It is an amazing feeling to be a part of this, today.


13 thoughts on “Censorship and Digg

  1. Digg is experiencing the Digg effect… Kevin Rose accepted money from the HD-DVD consortium. Let the KEY live forever!!
    Here it is again!

  2. It is the digital revolt brother, and we are privileged to be part and parcel of this movement. I hope we can exctend this to other spheres. Today, I am proud to be a digger.

  3. Hi! Found your site on a friend’s log! So glad to see another Digger. Man it was awesome. Great going Kevin. We must now stand behind him if our community is threatened.

  4. Amazing though I feel that it is kind of stupid for the diggers to do this, we are just calling for trouble on our community…

  5. he! alter Freund…, was herauf Mann! ist. Nizza, zum deines Netzmaschinenbordbuches zu sehen. .reminds ich des LOGON-Raumschiff UNTERNEHMENS des Kapitäns!!. Nizza postings, hast du dein Herz heraus in jedem Anzeigen. Mochte wirklich deine Freundin in der Galerieverbindung. Gutes Gehen. Nehmenobacht und -bleiben in Verbindung. Laters – Aman Grover

  6. Über und was die Hölle ist diese DIGG GEMEINSCHAFT ganz? …, was du die Kerle sind, die heraus zu Digg? versuchen? ….es gibt einen Ringkämpfer, den ich weiß, wem sagt “can you DIGG IT ….SUUUUCCCCKKKKKEEERRR !!!”

  7. Grover mon ami! Wie geht’s dir? :P Was haste ueberhaupt geschrieben.. verstehe ich sogar nix! ;) Wo biste heutzutage? Kommste nach Deutschland bald oder?
    Schoen dass du ein paar Kommentar hintergelassen hast!

  8. I thought you would understand my german !. Try using Google Translator next time.

    I am doing good. Still there where i have always been ….selling Hyundai Cars. Where are u located these days ??

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