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Tuesday! Finally back at the office after a rather long weekend. And boy do I have news! This afternoon, as Tally, de Jong and I returned from our customary walk in the Terworm, we noticed YMI packing up his belongings and carting them away to the elevator. It struck me then, it would indeed be an idea to take his old desk. Of course it meant bidding fare-thee-well to Milos, but it would also mean a more private office space, one where I could be free from the going ons outside our Apecage door. Of course it puts me in direct view of the namesake, and Hendick was of the opinion that I moved so that we guys could yak more easy! But to that I say, we need no moving for that, already yak yak very easily we do!

Well back to cleaning up the new office space, will update with pix soon! For now, just enjoying the quaint corner of the Apecageā€¦ Very nice indeed!

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