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I shared my morning shuttle with an Indian grad student from UIUC, currently working as an intern – Kartik. It was indeed quite interesting to notice how his professional development, which started at the same time as mine, in India, led to such a different course from mine, over the years. We shall perhaps meet again tomorrow morning.

A hilarious side comment, while in the Microsoft offices for the conference, our meetings are moderated by a Microsoft employee. Their current employee just left the room for a minute and Linda took a quick glance at his laptop screen… and I can well allay all the concerns that Microsoft is thinking of Apple Inc, for there on his screen in Bold letters was “How to beat Apple“. A company policy statement, or a word of encouragement from good ol’ Bill perhaps. Back to the conference, not much was concluded yesterday, so the endeavor today shall be to decide upon a number of issues in the PMS and CMS, and allocate further tasks.

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