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After a seemingly endless wait over the weekend, the newest member of our family of cameras was finally delivered this afternoon by our friendly UPS guy. A brand new spanking Digital Rebel XSi, or 450D for the rest of the world. I immediately delved into the manual and found myself snapping pictures in rapid succession. Much the way it was when I played around with the Namesake’s 400D on that trip to Aachen with Z. Ah good times.

Back to the camera, mensch! Such a wealth of features, and a plethora of options – I am bewildered and yet so happy with our purchase. I guess the impetus behind this purchase was the great work Katie did at our wedding with her hardware. Muchly impressed we were! There’s much to be learned about the various settings and once I have that down pat, then comes the important part – setting up a perfect shot. To master the technical details won’t take long at all; the latter will  be the time-consuming part.

And here’s something I haven’t blogged about in nearly forever. My Mac vs. PC dilemmas! They reared their ugly head right after the wedding when I got a host of videos in MPEG2 format to convert to DVDs etc. Stuck on a Mac I had no viable options at all. I tried to edit them on my media center, but hey a man’s gotta watch them TV alongside. That just left my MBP or the other option to convert my Hackie back to Vista. I found a way around to do the latter, without sacrificing my OSX install. Simple solution? Purchase a second HDD and install Vista on it, and choose the correct HD at boot time. Works perfect, without the headaches involved with chain0 and other b0rk3d dualboot methods.

Well off to bed for now, but stay tuned – a few more posts coming up in the next few days in which I will detail my quests for RDC on a Mac and Movie DB software.


2 thoughts on “Digital Rebel XSi

  1. Hey Tim-

    Congrats on the camera – glad I could provide some inspiration! I laughed at your comment about mastering the technical details being easy, and setting up the perfect shot being hard. I am so much the opposite. Together we could make the perfect photographer!

  2. Namesake! I will have to agree with Katie too, after two years of having the 400D, I’m still fiddling around with the technical details; ok, one can put the cam in automatic mode, but that will result in average photographs…the real fun (and sometimes real frustration) comes when you switch to one of the semi-automatic or manual mode (Av, Tv, or M), figuring out what combinations of shutterspeed, Aperture, ISO-value, etc., etc. are the right ones for the right moment…

    The only thing I can advise you is to go out as often as you can and make a lot of photographs, but knowing you, that won’t be the problem. Also make sure you join Tally’s and my photosite especially for the beginners as soon as we’ve got it running (! If we all report about our experiences, maybe we can learn a wee bit from each other… Anyway, have a lot of fun with your new buy and speaking of photographs…where are the rest of them wedding pics ;)



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