Wedding bells…

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How does one express in mere words how perfect the wedding weekend was. The culmination of my hopes and dreams, to be one with the love of my life, to be joined in holy matrimony with the one I want to grow old with, to raise a family with, to go through each day of my life with her hand in mine, in the light of her smile, her embrace… I love you my beloved wife, my darling Rissa.

I am just the happiest person on this earth these days. Happy for I am at one with my love, whose ring I wear so proudly, honored and proud to be called her husband, to be by her side in whatever our lives may bring our ways.

It was indeed the most amazing weekend of my life. I really do wish to thank all who could be with us and celebrate with us these days… and to my friends who came all the way to be by our side. You guys, are just amazing… thank you so much for your presence, your support. You kept me calm while everything around me seemed so tense. I don’t say it enough, but you are the best!

On a side note, I have indeed been inundated with requests to put the wedding album online, and I will do that very soon indeed. I have changed the wedding invitation site from to The former will now be home to the wedding pictures, as and when I get the same from Katie (who was just simply amazing and took the best pictures!)

Stay tuned chaps!


One thought on “Wedding bells…

  1. Did you and Rissa get married???!? Is that the Rissa we knew?
    Well if so, congratualtions. My boyfriend and i are happy for you.

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