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I was telling Rissa this, in merry jest the other day. She mentioned in passing that there’d been a long delay between posts on my blog of late. I reflected for a moment and the best answer I could surmise was that indeed, the frequency of my blog posts increases exponentially when I am working on a Mac. Somehow working on the OSX platform brings out the Blogger in me. It is not only true for blogging but nearly everything. I feel I am much more productive using a Mac, than I am on Windows. I am not sure whether it is the aliased fonts or whether it is the lack of distractions on a screen, OSX just brings out my productive half.

Lately, I have been using Renamer4Mac to *ahem* rename  files on OSX. It is one tool I have found nearly indispensible on OSX, and have never found a Windows equivalent that can remotely come close to the functionality it provides. It supports the use of regular expressions to weed out incomprehensible characters from a batch of files. Sure you can do it manually, but suppose you download a large number of files from the Usenet and need to rename them to something comprehensible. What if the files have a large number of chars  that have a lot of spaces betwixt the same? Renaming over a large corpus is repetitive and foolhardy. Windows can’t do it, even with the relatively hidden hack (F2 while selecting them all). R4Mac, however works on a Search and Replace principle, and does the job amazingly well.

I am happy to report that all is well on the OSX front! After the installation last evening, everything works exactly to spec, and I could not be happier. The Namesake remarked in a previous post and it is true! HSP and I have just become so embroiled in "the scene" that most of the terminology comes as second nature to the twain. It is indeed most entertaining. I find myself scouring the forums and IRC for latest developments in my spare time.

One last remark. I have been working with Spaces now exclusively. It is amazing how Leopard has implemented this concept. It is rather VERY intuitive. I find myself allocating screens to specific Apps, and jumping to them by just clicking on their icon on the Dock. Works like a charm, and just so very intuitive.

Laters folks!


2 thoughts on “Donationware, Blogging from OSX

  1. M8, you should also have a look how BeOS,Zeta and Haiku use the concept of several workspaces, just awesome (from what I hear MAC does something similar) and this concept really really improves your productivity by grouping apps by functionality…this is what got me hooked to these OSs in the first place.

    Anyway, hope your diwahli thingy was nice, but you’ve missed an awesome party at tha Drachslaaa, missed learning new German sayings and missed me trying to speak Rudi Karell Deutsch after an enormous variety of alcoholic beverages :S

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