Excellent primer on Git

2 minutes

I must admit I have been living under a rock. I started off with SVN back in 2009, and have been using it faithfully for years now (six and counting). What was all the rage back then, soon lost its favor come the 2010s, but due to SVN being bundled with XCode, I continued to use it on my Mac, and Mac Server.

I resisted the urge to go to Git, and leave the warm, welcoming belly of SVN – mainly because of how well integrated SVN had become with my daily workflow (Sublime Text 3 + SVN plugin = effortless work).

But I recently came across an excellent free primer written for Git by Sean Fioritto  He is a prolific tech writer who maintains a great site with Angular JS tutorials and resources and much more. This primer goes over the essentials of getting started with Git on OSX and Windows. It took me only 20 minutes and I was a convert. Sure, I would need the terminal open alongside, but the amount of control I get in return is addicting!

I do agree with Sean, the GUI for Git (even SVN) adds much more complexity than is required for a day-to-day coding endeavor.

Check the pdf and judge for yourself. Thanks for providing such a great resource Sean!


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