Making my way back…

2 minutes

It has been too long of a break. What was meant as a sojourn turned into something near permanence. I remember my last post here. It was the day that Steve Jobs died. After his death, it was difficult to muster up the same enthusiasm and fervor for Apple and Apple products/software. Yet nearly four years since his passing, my fervor for all things Apple continues. A bit tempered but mostly unabated.

A lot has happened in the interim. New web technologies have risen, new stacks, frameworks. LAMP is so 2012, MEAN is where it’s at now. Front-end design and development has undergone a radical shift. Minimalism is in,¬†skeuomorphism is out. Responsive is the mantra. Anything that doesn’t scale, might as well have scales (a la dinosaurs).

And so, I mark the renaissance of this space. Imparting knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained through the storms I have weathered, developing and leading development for the last ten years.

I will slowly yet surely reimport all the old content from Some of the articles were the only resources on the web at the time. It will be fun, if only for nostalgia’s sake.

To reuse an oft abused phrase – Tally ho!




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