Fare-thee-well o Dell

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April 10th, 2007, a date which shall live in infamy. So spake Tim the noble words. Well, not so much. But indeed a day to mourn, for this is the day that I bade farewell to my companion of 5 years, my noble Dell Inspiron 8200. I sit here in Utrecht typing away furiously on the OU’s Thinkpad and all my thoughts still turn to the incredible journey that Dell and I have been through. The very first laptop, I remember the fond looks it drew from friends and peers (back in 2002, when owning a laptop was still a novelty). It was sleek, it was ultra-fast and it could run XP like no other. Made my desktop computer look like an old maid with 256 MB of DDR RAM 133Mhz. 2.0 GHz of raw PIVm processing power, it ran cooler and more silent than any of its counterparts. Though all the components did I change over the three years of Dell Warrantee, the laptop itself never broke down on me. Of that I am very proud.

Alas with the advent of the new C2D technology, and thinner, lightweight lappies, the Dell held its own, giving me a Vista Index Performance of 2.3, which isn’t bad considering the lowest denominator was the graphics card performance. The processing power still got a 3.7. Alas, Dell, thy time is past, and therefore it was time to let you go. Bear me, my friend no ill will and hope that the new owners shall treat you way the same if not better than I ever did. :’ (

</end eulogy>

The morning of the 11th found the Namesake, the Drachsla and I en route to Utrecht, to attend the Semantic Web Seminar. Lucky for me, they have wireless access here. After a quick, and not so delish lunch at an Indian restaurant, we found our way to Princetonplein 5. We did reach a wee late, but we’re here! Hallelujah sez I.


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