Massacre at VT

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Still shell shocked, but so relieved that all my friends at VT are doing well. The hours pass as I keep myself glued to the TV screen watching the coverage from VA. Unbelievable, senseless, and so infuriating are some of the adjectives that pop into mind, with this massacre that occurred at one of the upper echelons of higher education and intelligentsia.

Sorry rather, for the lack of updates of late, I have unfortunately not been keeping well the past few days, making it rather difficult to sit down in front of the ‘puter and blog me brains out. On the positive side, I feel my voice, affected with the cold and cough, has taken on a “sexier” ting, losing some of the high pitches I can reach when I do the “Homer”.

I managed to make it to work for a meeting with RKP today, though. It was kind of a forced decision, because had we not met him today, the next date he had available would’ve been on the 14th of May. So today, was the day it was meant to be. The meeting itself went well… The journal article has to be redone indeed, cutting out some of the portions I had initially felt would be the central theme. The additions themselves aren’t too many and I hope to have them finished by the end of next week.

Cycled back with the Namesake, and after bidding him fare-thee-well, I went to AH and basically restocked on coffee, milk, cough syrup and the like. Really am starting to “hate” this bout of ill-health. Can’t really go outside and enjoy the splendid weather. Apparently, this was the last day of “good” weather as we are scheduled for rain and cooler temperatures from tomorrow. Whether that indeed shall come to pass, has to be seen.

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