Feed aggregator for OS X – NewsFire

2 minutes

I have been trying of late to replace Firefox and/or Mail.app as my feed aggregators, with little luck. So desperate was I, that I pretty much resolved to program one myself. But before I could start, I decided to give it one more shot & search the interwebs a bit more. My luck indeed – by sheer chance I came upon NewsFire. This remarkable app does it all for me, aggregating the feeds I usually subscribe to (BBC, CBC, Digg, Newegg and the like), and allows me to create views on the same – I can for instance keep an eye out for deals on MacBooks by simply defining a search term which creates a separate list. NewsFire features the option to allow Spotlight to index the content, which is such a time saver for me. The clincher of course was the fact that NewsFire is free – developed by the same team that brought us – Acquisition and XTorrent.

One thing I do sorely miss though, is the integration with Growl.app. I would love a minute by minute notification via Growl instead of the icon bouncing in the dock. Oh well, I’ll take it anyway!


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