Flickr and iPhone

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Let me take you back for a minute here, to the days of yore, when there was just one iPhone, and no other option but to jailbreak to add value to an already fantastic product. There was a plethora of options at your fingertips, and the community grew like no other. There were apps you could download to do every imaginable thing under the sun, and mind you, these were productive apps, that were made by the end user for other users. iFlickr made life simple, take a picture and upload to Flickr, in a jiff, in all its glory and all its EXIF tags intact, and in the original size. Ah, such were the simpler times.

Forward a few months, with the advent of the iPhone 3G, firmware 2.x and lack of any good jailbreak software (Cydia doesn’t count), and you are pretty much reliant on the App Store. A wonderful addition to the iPhone indeed, and I find myself scouring the free apps all the time, hoping one would help me do what I loved to do on my firmware 1.1.x iPhone – send pictures from my iPhone to Flickr directly. I am afraid to report – no luck so far. I tried every app in the store marked with "Flickr" and all they do is perform well on WiFi but really hang on EDGE (just are so slow, I feel I could print those photos out and scan them and hand deliver them to Flickr offices in the time that they take).

So for now I have defaulted to the tried and tested solution – send images to Flickr via mail. Horrid, but it does the job. Please Flickr, heed to our collective calls for a decent app that does the job!


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