iPhone again…

2 minutes

It had to be, it just had to be. After having sold my iPhone back in Germany, I felt as if I had lost a very important part of my gadget inventory. I tried to fill that space with an iTouch, but nothing could assuage the thirst inside. So, by a stroke of luck I came across an offer I couldn’t refuse, and here we are, Timmy’s got his gadget back! For a deal that would put the best to shame. It works perfect and with Firmware 2.0.2 and tonnes of apps on AppStore, I am one happy camper. Check Flickr out from time to time to see pix I upload with this lil thingi-ma-jigg.

The last few days I have been listening incessantly to Jean-Jacques Goldman (my favorite singer of all time – tempted to say ‘fave’ but am not a schoolgirl-yet). One song of his, instantly transports me back to the days of the happy-go-lucky times I had in Aachen, living my life in the heart of Europe and those days when everything was new and I regarded all, everyone with wide-eyed wonder – "Nos mains", Our hands. Another one that always makes me tear up – "En passant".

Des routes m’emmènent, je ne sais où
J’ai vu des oiseaux, des printemps, des cailloux
En passant

Just says it all… Nostalgic some? I’ll say.


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