Four days and counting

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Just four days to go before I start my month long vacation back home! It has been two years since I saw the welcoming sight of home, and family. A concept that seemed just so foreign a few years ago. What makes it just SO much sweeter is the fact that Rissa will be joining me in India a wee later. We are just so excited at the prospect of meeting my dad and breaking the Great news to him. It is just marvelous. To all who do know the good news, kindly shh, and not post anything in response to this blog entry… Who knows dad might be reading…

We have a full itinerary in India, Rissa and I, and we will try and make the most of our week together, by visiting the monument to love, the Taj, and visit my grandma for a while. Rissa be warned though, my Dashboard Widget tells me that even though it is early March, in Delhi the day temperatures are touching 95-98 F. Eeek! Better get some good SPF ready!

Just ever so excited. What that means for my Blog updates, I cannot say. I usually do blog from my Mac, but since I shall be leaving my desktop behind (and rightly so), I won’t be blogging as much. Of course you can expect Flickr updates so keep tuned to my Flickr channel.


One thought on “Four days and counting

  1. Not sure if anyone will read this but just in case people were wondering or worried about Tim’s lack of updates or pictures on Flickr, it’s because he doesn’t have a great internet connection so hasn’t been able to upload pics. He’s having a great time though and is doing well. Like I said, I don’t know if anyone is checking this but I thought I’d leave an update for those interested.

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