OmniGraffle, what a fantastic piece of software

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Consider this a brief, rave review. I am currently creating a document detailing the model behind the IMS LD design editor I coded. The model has to be depicted in a graphics intensive manner, with an emphasis on eye candy. In the past I have used Visio to quickly get a document up and running, but that was on Windows, and though it delivered on functionality, the polish was sorely missing.

Enter Omni Group’s OmniGraffle for OSX. By far one of the best layout proggies out there, OG offers style, polish and a chock load of functionality. I am really stunned to find how easy it is to create beautiful intuitive layouts and diagrams quickly and easily. It really puts Visio to shame. To take one example: want to create a document with multiple callouts to multiple images? No problem, not only does OG allow you to drop shadows, and define "hot" points, you can visualize the distances between the elements and align them intuitively with the hints that show up so unobtrusively on the workspace.

So to conclude, Bravo OG bravo!


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